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Every month or so a bunch of us So.Cal. 2002 enthusiasts get together to drive a twisty road and enjoy our cars. We sometimes visit a business that caters to 02's. We have been tentatively scheduling these drives for the 3rd Sat. or Sun. of every month. If anybody knows of a good road and wants to take the lead in planning a drive we will post the details here.

So Cal Vintage Oct 21, 2016 Woodley Park

   Bay Area Meet
Bay Area Meet May 2, 2006
We have sponsored this event since it started and it has continuously grown in size. This year was the largest yet. It never ceases to amaze me how 2002 owners can modify their cars in so many ingenious ways. And that is part of what make the 2002, the car that it is. I would like to thank the organizers for putting together a first class show. And if you did not attend the 2006 show, you owe it to yourself to be there for 2007.

   Hwy.33 Drive
Hwy.33 Drive Oct 13, 2002
This drive was planned by Pierre Chamaa and Mike McHenry. A group of 10 BMW enthusiests met in Moorpark at 7 A.M. where thick fog blanketed the area. After waiting around til 8 for the fog to lift we finally headed out toward Grimes Canyon where we got held up buy a slow moving minivan.

   Mullholland Drive
Mullholland Drive May 2002
We met at 7:50 A.M. at the IHOP in Agoura. We drove along Mullholland Hwy. down Tuna Cyn. to P.C.H. where we took these photos. After a break to relax we drove back through the canyons to the shop. Here we had some food & an informal tech session. This week marks our 3 year anniversary and we just want to thank all our loyal customers for their support!

   Bay Area Meet
Bay Area Meet Apr 2002
I made the drive up to the bay area. This was a really nice event and a chance to meet a lot of really great folks. As you can see there were plenty of 02's in attendance. I'm not sure what the final count was but a great time was had by all! Thanks to everyone!

   02/02/02 Meet
02/02/02 Meet Feb 2, 2002
Well it turned out to be a great day. It all started at the 5:45 A.M. meeting at Denny's. There were already a bunch of guys that had driven down from further north to meet us in L.A. From there we drove down to northern S.D. County to meet up with other 02's. On the way we somehow picked up a car or two in Orange County.

   FestWest 2002
FestWest 2002 2001
Fest West was again a sucessfull trip. Here are some pictures...

   Fest West 2001
Fest West 2001 Aug 2001
This years Fest West was again a great success. We had the Taj Mahal (our booth) set up at the park and Rob hosted another great drive this year. What a blast. Thanks to all who attended. We appreciate your business !

   Fest West 2000
Fest West 2000 Aug 2000
Over 120 2002's showed up to this event, with some very nice examples. We had a big booth at the park on Saturday, met many enthusiasts, did some business and then Saturday afternoon we went on the sunset cruise with about 40 cars! What a blast!

   Julian Drive
Julian Drive Aug 26, 2000
6 02ers met at: 8 a.m., Saturday morning at La Jolla Independent in San Diego Co. Carl Nelson the owner and super nice guy gave us a tour of the shop, which included a 503, an Issetta, a few 700's, and Carl's personal ground up resto cs coupe. Really cool. Jeff Tighe who works for Carl planned the drive, and after a quick stop for fuel we headed southeast toward the Cleveland National Forest.

   Mt. Baldy Drive
Mt. Baldy Drive Jul 15, 2000
Gabe Pari took the lead in organizing this drive. We met at his house in Ontario at 8 am. We had nine 02'rs, 2 drove up from San Diego county to meet up with us. Everyone brought something for our semi-potluck lunch later that day.

   Angeles Crest Drive
Angeles Crest Drive Sep 1999
This drive was organized by Marty Haynes. Nine 02er's got together for a drive up the Angeles Crest Highway. It's a locally famous mountain road with lots of twisties. I got to meet a lot of really cool people and several of them have become customers of JF PRO BMW. Here we are at a rest stop about half way up the mountain.