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Mt. Baldy Drive    Jul 15, 2000
Mt. Baldy Drive2
Mt. Baldy Drive3

Gabe Pari took the lead in organizing this drive. We met at his house in Ontario at 8 am. We had nine 02'rs, 2 drove up from San Diego county to meet up with us. Everyone brought something for our semi-potluck lunch later that day. We stashed the stuff in the fridge and headed up Mt. Baldy road to Glendora Ridge Road. This is a great road with lots of fun twisty sections and it had just been freshly paved, so it was very smooth. We headed west and came down Azuza Cyn. From there we made a short jaunt over to Ireland Engineering to take a break and check out some of Jeff's race cars. Then it was back up into the Cyns. through the twisties and back to Ontario for a barbecue. Another great drive on a beautiful Southern California day.