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Angeles Crest Drive    Sep 1999
Angeles Crest Drive2

This drive was organized by Marty Haynes. Nine 02er's got together for a drive up the Angeles Crest Highway. It's a locally famous mountain road with lots of twisties. I got to meet a lot of really cool people and several of them have become customers of JF PRO BMW. Here we are at a rest stop about half way up the mountain. We pulled over to check out each others cars, talk 02's and get better acquainted. Once we pulled out again the fast cars took the lead and there was some 'spirited driving'. Of course we stopped at all the viewpoints to take in the scenery and to make sure our group all stayed together. When we got to the top we had breakfast at a little cafe' and then headed back down the mountain. This was a fun drive and a great chance to meet new friends. Everyone had a great time and we're already planning to do it again soon. Jack Fahuna