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Hwy.33 Drive    Oct 13, 2002
Hwy.33 Drive2
Hwy.33 Drive3
Hwy.33 Drive4

This drive was planned by Pierre Chamaa and Mike McHenry. A group of 10 BMW enthusiests met in Moorpark at 7 A.M. where thick fog blanketed the area. After waiting around til 8 for the fog to lift we finally headed out toward Grimes Canyon where we got held up buy a slow moving minivan. Pierre was honking his horn and flashing his lights at the guy, but this jerk just refused to get over and let us by. Intead he tested the limits of his leaf spring suspention by going slowly through what was a very nice twisty section of the drive. He continued to block our caravan all the way to Fillmore where he finally turned off. We headed West to Santa Paula then North to Ojai. In Ojai we stopped at a gas station whose owner just happened to have a BMW 2000 parked out front. After a stop to check it out and fuel up the cars we headed North again onto Hwy. 33. This time it was wide open road and beautiful blue sky. After a few stops for pictures we continued on to Lockwood Valley road which turns east through Frazier Park and over to the Grapvine. John Barlow led us south down the 5 to the 405 and back to his house in Van Nuys. The whole drive was about 120 miles long and took about 4 hours. John and his girlfriend Alexis had a bar-b-q planned for the group. The Fahuna started the grill while John gave us a look at his car collection. He has lots of great old cars, some restored and some in the prosses of being sorted out. He removed the car covers and everyone had a field day, checking out the classic cars, eating, and socializing into the late afternoon. A big thanks to Pierre, Mike, John & Alexis for making this day happen!