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02/02/02 Meet    Feb 2, 2002
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Well it turned out to be a great day. It all started at the 5:45 A.M. meeting at Denny's. There were already a bunch of guys that had driven down from further north to meet us in L.A. From there we drove down to northern S.D. County to meet up with other 02's. On the way we somehow picked up a car or two in Orange County. They were able to coordinate when we would pass buy them (on a cell phone with one of our group) and launched down the on-ramp to join the caravan. We lost one car who unfortunately broke down but I heard later that someone went back to pick him up. We met up with Andrew Lee and a few guys from S.D. at 7:30 Andrew had a great drive planned and he had maps for everyone in case someone got lost on the drive. This was a GREAT road and we didn’t hit too much traffic. I was lucky enough to be right behind Andrew and follow his line through the turns. He knew the road well and made it really fun to drive. When we arrived at the S.D auto museum there were plenty of cars already there and parking spots were blocked out for us. Every one got settled in and there were introductions all around. Chris Keefer went out of his way to have t-shirts printed up for the occasion and they were sold at a very nominal charge. We got to check out so many cool 02’s. I heard the final count was 56 cars. Wow! Some of us went into the museum where they had a vintage motorcycle exhibit. When we came out there was food provided and surprise it was FREE. Next Andrew and Chris jumped up on the bed of a pickup truck and handed out a few prizes for the oldest car, newest car, etc. Jack Fauna and Carl Nelson donated these prizes. And one more surprise, Andrew handed out trophies for best 2002 and best tii. These were his choices and it was just a great way to end the event. What really made this day special was that there were no signups, no fee’s, no judging, no rules, no loudspeakers, no tables to rent, no bickering over who could be there or sell stuff to each other, no commercialism it was all just done in the TRUE sprit of celebrating these wonderful little cars. Although there will never be another date like this one I hope there will be more gatherings like this. There’s already a rumor about next year. I just want to thank Andrew and Chris for putting this together. This turned out so great and Andrew said he really didn’t try that hard. I can only imagine when he does! Best regards, Mike Forbes webmaster PROBMW.COM