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Head Machining Services

Complete Rebuilt Cylinder Heads $450.00 *
Heads are disassembled, pressure tested, inspected for cracks, warpage and thickness (within specs). They are resurfaced with the upper front cover to insure a leak free installation. All new guides and valve seals are installed. Seats and valves are replaced as needed. 3 angle valve job with hand lap and back-cut.

If you need new rocker arms, & shafts add $225.00

Polished Laso rocker arms $120.00

* Price is for 2 valve single cam 4 cylinder head (S10) using your good core head and camshaft. If your core is cracked we can supply good used cores, cams and springs. Check our parts section for current prices.

Performance head work is available, prices quoted per application.

SS match port head & manifold $100.00

Match port single carb to manifold only $40.00

Match port dual carbs to manifolds $100.00

Combustion chamber CCing services available (recommended for cams above 304 degrees)

JF PRO Head Engine