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Differential Services


Oil Change
Conventional oil (non-synthetic) and OEM filter, Mann or Mahle. $40.
Synthetic BMW factory oil and OEM filter, Mann or Mahle. $110.

Automatic Transmission Service
While BMW does not recommend servicing the life time fill transmissions, we have found that when we do service them, they tend to last longer.
Transmission service using full synthetic fluid $295.
Transmission service using Dexron III/Mercon fluid $ 125.

Coolant service
Every 5 years.

Includes replacing the radiator, water pump, thermostat, T-stat housing (if applicable) expansion tank, and reservoir cap. Hoses and belts replaced as needed. All parts are BMW factory new or OEM. We only use BMW factory coolant which is phosphate free and specifically designed for the alloy used in BMW engines. Prices vary depending on model. Click here for a quote. Please mention the model and year of your vehicle, and if it has a manual or automatic transmission.

Brake fluid flush
Every 1-2 years. $80 for all models.

Brake service
We use ATE, Brembo or Zimmerman rotors. We also carry a wide variety of brake pad compounds depending on your type of vehicle and your driving style. Click here for a quote. Make sure to mention your vehicle year or model and the type of driving you do. (City, highway, spirited driving or track duty.)

Manual transmission fluid change
Every 100,000 miles. $90 all models.

Differential fluid change
Every 100,000 miles. $70 all models.