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  1. How to get the hot air out of your cooling system
  2. How to "bed in" a new set of brake pads
  3. When doing an automatic transmission service, use only an O.E.M. pan gasket.
  4. On all pre 87 cars if you have a rough idle and you can't get rid of it, try replacing the seals on the dipstick.
  5. On E 24, E28, E30 and E34 if you use Goetze rings you'll have a better chance of a proper seal.
  6. For five speed conversions avoid using the Getrag 240 overdrive 5 speed ( found on the '83 320i and '84-'85 318i), as it is of a lighter, weaker design than the 245/4. It will not stand up to the abuse of a modified performance engine .
  7. If you want to convert your 2002 to a dual cam 16 valve motor and you flinch at the price of a high mileage S14 the most desirable one to use is out of a 91'-96' 318i. It has better injection and makes more HP.
  8. Before you change your power steering pump for a new one try replacing the filter in the reservoir.